As an education center, Centro Educativo Técnico Chixot is offering workshops that apply to the local community and to individuals from all over the world. Sharing knowledge empowers people to become self-sufficient and we aim to support this. 

Do you have a skill that you can offer the community? Would you like to attend an upcoming workshop? Contact us using the form below!

comalapa Art Culture workshop
Nov 03, 2018


San Juan Comalapa is known internationally for it's amazing painters. Learn about the style of art created in Comalapa called Arte Naif (Naive Art), which values the beauty of daily Mayan life. Andrés Curruchich propelled the Arte Naif movement forward and after his death, his apprentice Oscar Peren filled his shoes. Oscar has been painting since he was 15 and his famous Chicken Bus paintings have been exhibited in galleries all over the world including in Boston, Washington D.C., Sweden, and Japan.

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Cob oven.JPG

cob oven/horno de barro
Nov 10-11, 2018

Cob ovens are a SUSTAINABLE, AFFORDABLE, and EASY way to build an oven.
Learn how to:
▪Build an oven for your home
▪Build with brick
▪Make cob, clay mortars and renders
▪Use natural and recycled materials in construction
▪ Sculpt using cob
...and more


Intro to permaculture (w/ imap)
Nov 17-18, 2018 (cancelled)

Join us for a workshop on all things permaculture!

We are partnering with our friends at IMAP, the Mesoamerican Permaculture Institute. Hands-on learning will cover topics such as:
-Permaculture Ethics and principles of natural systems and design
-Mayan cosmology and the influence on natural systems
-Understanding natural systems
-Water management, capture, and efficient use
-Permaculture gardening techniques, soil basics, and fertility management
-Seed banks and plant propagation
-Natural building 

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Medicinal Plants
Nov 24, 2018

Come learn about the medicinal uses of many common plants!! Comalapa is 97% Maya Kaqchikel and values the traditional Mayan knowledge of plants and their uses. Join us to learn about medicinal plants used in everyday life and visit the home, garden and wisdom imparted by a local woman in our one-day Medicinal Plants Workshop.

This one day workshop will be from 10am - 3pm.
Topics will include:
-Identifying edible and inedible plants
-Identifying & avoiding poisonous plants
-Learning about the medicinal uses of local plants
Optional transportation from Antigua at 8am.
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April 2017

Daniel Connell, from Open Source Low Tech taught two workshops that can be off-grid solutions that anyone can complete themselves. First was a solar panel hot water heater (featured top right). The second was a rocket stove made from cheap and local materials (featured bottom right).

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