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Surveys of Comalapa & it's Villages (aldeas)

Conducted in collaboration with Engineers without borders


"Urban" Comalapa
Xiquin Sanaii

Engineers Without Borders University of Minnesota Chapter partnered with LWH during ‘15-’16. They came to the village of Xiquin Sanahi and connected a local water spring to a faucet in each home in the community!


Surveys of Centro educativo TÉCNICO chixot community


Queme, gabriela (2015) Socio-economic study (en ESPAÑOL)

Estudiantes y Familias (Students and Families) 2015
Maestros (Teachers) 2015

Boege, Sarah (2016) Cont. Socio-economic Study

Complete Results CETC 2016 (en Español)
Complete Results CETC 2016 (in English)

Pluquet, Ophelie (2012) Long Way Home: Report Survey 2012 (Impact Survey with 25 interviews in community)