San Juan Comalapa

In 2011, the University of San Carlos Economics Department, led by Professor Ramiro Melendez, produced a report called Informe General: Diagnostico Socioeconomico, Potencialidades Productivas y Propuestas de Inversion. -- poverty, biodiversity and human health (food, water, sanitation).

  • 2150 meters above sea level.

  • As of March 2009, 97% of the population of 41,250 was indigenous Kaqchikel Maya.

  • 14 villages, 14 small extra-urban neighborhoods, and 4 urban zones.

  • The mayor, democratically elected every four years, manages administration of the local government.

  • Three religions: Catholicism, Protestantism and traditional Mayan.

  • Two seasons: the dry season (November through April) and the rainy season (May through October). The average annual rainfall is 1500mm.

  • The average annual temperature ranges from 14 to 22 degrees Celsius. Humidity is consistently between 70% and 80% (Melendez, 2011).

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