Green Building Videos

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Packing Tires

working with cob

Tires have many benefits in construction. They are structural, remove the waste from the environment and earthquake resistant. This video offers an intro to packing a tire with rammed earth.

Cob is a mixture of clay, manure/sand and a fibrous material (straw, hay, etc). It then gets mixed in the right ratio and placed on top of a tarp to mix with your feet. It can be used to pack out tire walls, fill in between other pieces of trash, or for a final layer to create art.

bottle bricks

eco bricks

Glass bottles make for a beautiful natural lighting option and can cut down electricity use! They can be used fully on their side, but even more efficient when they are cut in 2 and assembled together to create a bottle brick.

Eco bricks, also known as trash bottles, are a creative way to keep single use plastic off the streets and out of our rivers. Compacted inorganic trash inside a plastic bottle, creates the eco brick and can then be used as filler in walls of your building.

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featured volunteer project

Lime Slaking Instructions

Lime is useful in many applications. At Long Way Home we use it for finishing mixes inside and out of the buildings. It is a water resistant and naturally found mineral. The process of lime slaking can be caustic, so please prepare with proper safety materials.

This is the prototype of the super easy, cheap, and effective solar heater panel for hot water or air. Just an intro at this stage, full build tutorial and test results in the coming weeks. Daniel Connell

CETC was built using these techniques and more

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