As an education center, Centro Educativo Técnico Chixot is offering workshops that apply to the local community and to individuals from all over the world. Sharing knowledge empowers people to become self-sufficient and we aim to support this. 

Do you have a skill that you can offer the community? Would you like to attend an upcoming workshop? Contact us using the form below!

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hornos de barro/cob oven

Cob ovens are a SUSTAINABLE, AFFORDABLE, and EASY way to build an oven.
Learn how to:
▪Build an oven for your home
▪Build with brick
▪Make cob, clay mortars and renders
▪Use natural and recycled materials in construction
▪ Sculpt using cob
...and more

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April 2017

Daniel Connell, from Open Source Low Tech taught two workshops that can be off-grid solutions that anyone can complete themselves. First was a solar panel hot water heater (featured top right). The second was a rocket stove made from cheap and local materials (featured bottom right).

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