Centro Educativo Técnico Chixot Campus

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thanks to our community of volunteers and construction team for getting their hands dirty to make this happen!


barrel tire vault classrooms

Tire structure with bottles filled with dirt and trash

Bamboo house

Built and designed by University of Colorado - Boulder, this structure is made of bamboo and ecobricks.


Ecobrick & superadobe dome

dry composting latrines

Structure made of eco-bricks and bamboo - nothing must go to waste!


Terraced Gardens

Featuring drip irrigation from dry composting latrines

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Superadobe structure with lime and plastic bottle shingle finishes


triple superadobe domes

Using suberadobe techniques and experimental finishes for the second story.

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Oval vault tire classrooms

Tire structures, glass bottle bricks for natural lighting


rainwater harvesting corridor

Collecting rainwater from 7 roofs to direct to 42,500 gallon cistern

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septic tanks &

eT beds

Ecobricks and rebar cage septic tanks lead into evapotranspiration beds buried across the ground.


42,500 gallon tire cistern

Foundation and structure of tires 30 feet into ground, then poured and sealed to collect rainwater


glass bottle dome library

Over 3,000 glass bottles in the roof and walls! Built on top of the 42,500 gallon cistern.