Centro Educativo Técnico Chixot

Before considering how to educate, it is well to be clear as to the sort of result which we wish to achieve.
— Bertrand Russell

Everyone has the power to be a hero in their own community if they have the right tools.

Dewey Model

We take real world statistics and work in response to them.
Based on 1992 and 2002 UN reports, there are two facts:

  • Climate change is real

  • Poorer communities get the blunt of climate change impact


Our response

The goal of our school education model is to provide an innovative space for educators to empower students to lead their community. Through their curriculum, our students will demonstrate capacity to create solutions to local challenges and to be the architects of their own futures.

Centro Educativo Técnico Chixot is the first unique institution using this model. This model can be adapted to anywhere in the world.

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