The Rubbish to Runway ReFashion Show is a yearly fundraiser held outside of Boston, Massachusetts in support of Long Way Home (LWH). R2R and LWH share a common purpose, which is to promote sustainability in design and construction. The R2R event showcases runway-worthy fashions made from waste, upcycled and recycled materials.

When: Saturday, October 8, 2016 @ 6:00-9:00 PM

Where: Blue Ocean Music Hall, 4 Ocean Front N., Salisbury, MA 01952

Mark your calendars as tickets will be on sale soon. To get a preview of what the night has in store for you, check out the video from last year's show.

Want to Submit a Design?

The Fifth Annual Rubbish to Runway Definitions and Criteria:

R2R 2014 Kite Dress

Trashions: Fashions that consist of at least 90% trash, or 90% of materials are destined for the trash barrel if not rescued by you, our creative and ingenious designers.

•      Materials must be post-consumer, post-industrial and/or post-agricultural waste and must constitute 90% of the garment.

•      New construction materials can be used to fasten, glue, staple, sew, zipper, or velcro the fashion together but these materials should be minimal and not exceed 10% of the fashion.

•      Trashions are wearable art made to be worn past the show.

Refashions: Fashions that are new pieces of functional and wearable clothing made from deconstructed garments and fabrics. “Refashioning” means taking old, tattered or out-of-style garments and/or materials and reconstructing them into something entirely new.

•      New materials can be used to fasten, glue, staple, sew, zipper or velcro the fashion together but these should be minimal.

•      Use of materials destined for the landfill is encouraged but not required.

•      Refashions are wearable and made to be enjoyed past the show.

Materials not accepted:

•      Unsafe materials such as those that emit odors, fumes, toxins, chemicals or particulate matter.

•      Materials that are sharp or poorly fastened to the garment.

Submission Process

Option 1) Submit the registration form and send a $25 non-refundable processing fee ($20 student rate) made payable Long Way Home (LWH) to Elizabeth Rose, 90 Pond St., Georgetown, MA 01833. Enroll your dress in the live auction and Paula Estey Gallery (PEG) show and receive 50% of the sale.

Option 2) Fill out the registration form and donate your fashion to our live auction/art gallery show. Pay no registration fee. Receive one ticket. All proceeds from the sale of your fashion will go to LWH (sells at event) or LWH and PEG (sells at PEG).

Option 3) Fill out registration form and send the processing fee to the address above, but do not donate or sell your garment. Take it home the night of the show.

For all options: If your fashion is not accepted, your fee will be returned. If you are accepted but withdraw before the show, your fee will not be returned.

Feel free to share the registration form with others that may be interested: