Ariel Wexler

Hello! My name is Ariel Wexler and I recently arrived at Long Way Home as the new Volunteer Coordinator.  I was a volunteer for Long Way Home in March of 2015 with UC Santa Cruz Hillel’s Alternative Spring Break trip.  I had such a wonderful experience and was so impressed with LWH’s mission and accomplishments.  As an Environmental Studies major in college I was already very passionate about sustainability, zero waste, and green building practices.  What resonated with me about the experience with LWH is that they did not merely aspire to build a school and leave similar to many service projects. That by being there as volunteers we would not have the simple gratification of seeing the end results of our contributions. We learned that LWH is an organization that is truly committed to the community and lives of the children and workers and their families.  LWH is not just about sustainability but much more they strive to create economic self sufficiency for the community.  My academic studies had always been very theory based LWH was impactful to me because I could see ideals turned into practice.  I am so happy to be able to return to LWH and be apart of this great organization. I look forward to sharing our mission and ensuring that volunteers have a wonderful experience with LWH.  


Ashley Kravetsky

My name is Ashley. I am a licensed practical nurse from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I volunteered at Long Way Home back in February of this year and noted the lack of medical staff in the community... and decided then that I wanted to come and help out. I have been a nurse for six years, and in the medical field for fifteen. I have worked in sports medicine, diagnostic imaging, surgery, mental health as well as in emergency. My goals here are to be able to assist in the event of any health emergencies, as well as to provide education to the staff, regarding health. I also hope that my presence here will be beneficial with the volunteers. 

Long term, I would love to be able to work with the school to provide health education to the students themselves, and continue building a strong community with Long Way Home.